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Heritage Delaware Chicks by Roots and Dreams Farm
Heritage Delaware Chicks
Heritage Delaware Chicks

Heritage Delaware Chicks

Roots and Dreams Farm
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Our heritage Delaware chickens are truly a dual-purpose bird that we raise for the table and eggs.

Our Delaware hens are reliable layers of 5 to 6 brown eggs a week. Our cockerels reach butcher weight around 18 to 20 weeks old, with much more flavor than supermarket chicken.

If you are interested in Delaware chickens that have already been processed in a USDA facility, please check out our pasture-raised heritage birds.

Chicks are subject to availability. We hatch most weeks in April, May, and August. If you would like to special order a larger quantity, please contact us. 

We do NOT sex our chicks and all chicks are sold straight run. All chicks come with a care sheet and we're always here for advice. Once chicks leave our property, we cannot control how they are handled.

If you need any further help, let us know. 

Pick Up Option

You may choose to have your chicks delivered to your front door in Polo, Kingston, Lawson, Lathrop, Richmond, Hamilton, Braymer, Kearney, and Liberty (you must be home to receive them) or schedule a pick-up with us in Polo, Missouri. Farm visits are by appointment only, we are not open to the public due to biosecurity concerns.