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Dried Sweet Basil
Dried Sweet Basil
Dried Sweet Basil
Dried Sweet Basil

Dried Sweet Basil

Roots and Dreams Farm
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If you've read our blog, you'd know that basil is my mortal enemy.

For as long as I can remember, I've had a black thumb. Or at least I believed so because everyone ALWAYS said to grow basil and I couldn't. For the life of me, I just could not do it.

This year, not only did I not kill our basil, but I grew an enormous amount. (Companion planting with our tomatoes if you need a tip!)

I'm so excited to share our success with you. This variety is common basil (known as sweet basil) and it's a staple in Italian cooking. We air-dried it to retain as much flavor as possible, and then immediately packaged it into glass jars. 

About Our Basil

Each jar of sweet basil is hand-packed and flaked, in a 4 oz squared glass jar with a shaker lid insert and black foam-lined cap. Approximately half a cup of dried basil, weighing 0.45 ounces (13 grams).