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Guinea Fowl
Guinea Fowl
Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl

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These guinea fowl hatched in August of 2020 and are of various colors (grey, pearl, pied, and a couple buff/lavender). They currently coop up with chickens at night and free-range with chickens and turkeys during the day. We do not clip their wings to prevent flight, but you could if you wanted to.

Guineas need to live in a flock of other guineas regardless of the fact that they co-exist with other birds, we will not sell one or two at a time. This flock hatched together and bonded together.

You can easily hatch more keets and expand your flock or sell keets for $8+ each. (Some of our guineas have already started laying.) Guineas do NOT mate like chickens, they pair off in couples or trios. One male will not cover multiple females.

Moving Sale

We are moving out of state and have made the difficult decision to sell our current stock and start over in a new location. Several people have contacted us to purchase our breeder flocks and other stock. To make this as easy as possible, we're listing it all here on our website.

To purchase any of our stock or supplies, simply check out and then text or call 913-302-4300 to coordinate a pick-up time. All pick-ups must happen on our farm a few minutes north of Polo, Missouri. We cannot mail purchases and we are not able to meet anywhere.

If you have any questions, please text or call 913-302-4300. We are not checking social media or email at this time.