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Guinea Keets (Assorted Colors)

Guinea Keets (Assorted Colors)

Roots and Dreams Farm
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Our guineas are great tick eating machines and home alarm systems. Yes, they can be loud, but we love it. (Are we crazy?) Our guineas are hardy and friendly birds who free-range our five-acre homestead.

Keets are subject to availability and vary in color. Most keets are pearl grey, pied, or pinto, but you may receive other colors. We hatch guinea keets once a month through the summer

All of our keets are hatched and raised alongside chicks so that they learn how to take care of themselves (eat and drink), and are not sold until they are established. (Usually, two or three days old.)

We do NOT sex our keets and all keets are sold straight run. We're always here for advice. Once keets leave our property, we cannot control how they are handled.

Pick Up Option

You may choose to have your keets delivered to your front door in Polo, Kingston, Lawson, Lathrop, Richmond, Hamilton, Braymer, Kearney, and Liberty (you must be home to receive them) or schedule a pick-up with us in Polo, Missouri. Farm visits are by appointment only, we are not open to the public due to biosecurity concerns.