Fibro Mint Egger Chicks from Roots and Dreams Farm
Fibro Mint Egger Chicks from Roots and Dreams Farm
Examples of Egg Colors These Babies Can Lay

Fibro Mint Egger Chicks

Roots and Dreams Farm
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Our fibro mint eggers are a cross between Ayam Cemani and a Cream Legbar x Ameraucana cross. The resulting offspring may:

  • Have cheek muffs
  • Have feather crests
  • Have black or blue feather colors
  • Have barring
  • Have a varying degree of fibromelanosis
  • Lay mint green to pale olive-green eggs
  • Lay 3 to 4 eggs a week

These are a "designer" chicken and not a standard breed, meaning it's a personal project in genetics to create a fibromelanistic layer of mint green eggs and we cannot guarantee what they will look. Please share your pictures with us, as we love to see them all grown up! This project is in its third year.

Chicks are subject to availability. We hatch most weeks in April, May, and August, September. If you would like to special order a larger quantity, please contact us. 

We do NOT sex our chicks and all chicks are sold straight run. All chicks come with a care sheet and we're always here for advice. Once chicks leave our property, we cannot control how they are handled.

If you need any further help, let us know. 

Pick Up Option

Chick hatches take place on Mondays throughout the breeding season. Farm pick-up is available on Wednesdays and Saturdays from noon to 6 pm. Please wear a mask and follow your order instructions found on your order receipt carefully.