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Ayam Cemani Chicks from Roots and Dreams Farm
Ayam Cemani Chicks from Roots and Dreams Farm
Ayam Cemani Chicks from Roots and Dreams Farm
Ayam Cemani Eggs from Roots and Dreams Farm

Ayam Cemani Chicks

Roots and Dreams Farm
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Limited availability: Breeder culls/pet quality.

Breeder culls and pet quality Ayam Cemani have flaws that we are trying to eliminate from our breeding program, which may include: grey feather down instead of black, white or clear toenails, and white toe tips. White toe tips are uncommon in our stock, but we do still see them about one in every twenty chicks. 

Breeder quality unavailable until Fall 2020, please contact us to get on the waitlist.

We are passionate and dedicated breeders of Ayam Cemani chickens. At first glance, Ayam Cemani may look like ordinary black chickens, but a closer look will show that the Ayam Cemani is black through and through - meat, bones, mouth, feathers, and skin. The extreme black pigmentation is due to a genetic mutation called fibromelanosis that happened among their ancestors in Indonesia.

Due to the genetic mutation, breeding Ayam Cemani for that completely black coloration provides quite the challenge and keeps us on our toes. Currently, the Ayam Cemani is not a recognized breed by the American Poultry Association, but we breed to the proposed Standard and are active members of the Ayam Cemani Breeder's Association.

To learn more about Ayam Cemani, read about our breeding program 

Chicks are subject to availability. We hatch most weeks in April, May, and August. If you would like to special order a larger quantity, please contact us. 

We do NOT sex our chicks and all chicks are sold straight run. We're always here for advice. Once chicks leave our property, we cannot control how they are handled.

Pick Up Option

You may choose to have your chicks delivered to your front door in Polo, Kingston, Lawson, Lathrop, Richmond, Hamilton, Braymer, Kearney, and Liberty (you must be home to receive them) or schedule a pick-up with us in Polo, Missouri. Farm visits are by appointment only, we are not open to the public due to biosecurity concerns.